Sunday, 26 June 2011


I am a curious librarian: sometimes curious as in "odd", but mostly curious as in "keen to learn about things". Learning things motivates me: it can be fun, it can be boring, it can be interesting or passable, sometimes useful, sometimes less, but it always makes my brain feel like it is there for a purpose. And that feels good!!
More seriously, I am at a point in my young career where I feel a professional development course is most welcome to make me go forward, help me evolve and find my place in the world of British libraries.

So I am doing cpd23 to learn, literally, about Things. And no less than 23! I have heard of other "23 things" courses before, so the big question is: why 23?!

I have had a blog before: when I arrived in the UK, it was the best way to share my experiences with my friends and family in France. I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, I use an RSS feed reader... I am curious to see what else is in store for us and to read about other people's thoughts and progress!

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