Monday, 2 January 2012

New year, new reference management system

After the festive season, it is time to get back to work - and to take a quick look at the reference management systems presented in Thing 14.

I read the Thing 14 blog post and decided I would be trying out Zotero rather than Mendeley or CiteULike: I am a Firefox user and I liked the fact that Zotero is integrated in my browser. I should specify straight away that I do not currently need a reference management system, but I was curious to try one! So... well, to me it looks a lot like Evernote (which I have been trying to use regularly since Thing 9) except that instead of storing content, it stores references (duh!) I have not actually tried creating a bibliography with it and integrate it in a Word document, but I do think it is a very useful tool for people writing essays and papers. So much so that I have already recommended using a reference management system to my flatmate who will be writing a dissertation for university this year!

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