Friday, 9 May 2014

Goodbye CDG NE, hello North East Member Network

The facts: the CILIP Career Development Group is no more (well, almost) since the end of March 2014. In the English regions, its divisions have merged with the local branches to form the new Regional Member Networks.

Why do I bother writing about it? Because for the last two years I was a member of the Career Development Group North-Eastern division (CDG NE) committee - I was even the secretary for the last year and a half. I'm not qualified to tell you about the history of the group; I just want to say something as I feel it brought me a lot.

Two years ago, I chose to join a group committee because I wanted to gain some new skills to have a better chance of evolving in my career. I chose CDG NE because it seemed so active and so welcoming. I wasn't disappointed! I met a really nice bunch of people: some new like me, some with a lot of experience on the committee but all enthusiastic about libraries and helping people in the profession. On the committee I got to do things I did not have the opportunity to do in my post at the time. The highlight for me was helping out with the Marketing Libraries training: I assisted the organiser on the day and got to attend a great event!
I don't think I'd be lying if I said my involvement with CDG NE helped me get the job I'm in today. It showed my commitment to the profession, but also proved that I had the experience and skills needed to make the jump from a library assistant to a professional librarian post.

Yes I'm shamelessly plugging our Facebook page!

And now I'm chair of the new CILIP North East Member Network. Argh! What do I do now?!
Well I'd like us - the new merged committee - to keep things that, in my opinion, worked in CDG NE, for example:
  • motivated and enthusiastic committee members;
  • friendly and welcoming ways of working within the committee, opportunities to gain new skills;
  • a wide range of events: training days, library visits and CILIP qualifications support, but also socials.

And I'd like us to improve things such as:
  • better communication: using a monthly news mailing, social media;
  • transparency: giving more insight to members into the activities of the committee, making meeting minutes public;
  • more collaboration with the CILIP Special Interests Groups locally and the neighbouring Regional Member Networks;
  • more interaction with members who are not on the committee - we want everyone to feel involved within CILIP North East!
Following our very first committee meeting on Wednesday, I can already say that we do have enthusiastic and friendly committee members coming up with lots of wonderful ideas!
I hope we will be able to create/re-create/maintain a great library and information community in the region and encourage members to get involved.
Shall we talk about all this again in a year's time?!

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